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Frontline Updates - The COP26 and Halloween Edition

Frontline Updates - The COP26 and Halloween Edition
By Eco Medics • Issue #17 • View online
Greetings all,
The hubbub around COP26 need not be full of speculation for much longer, for it is almost upon us. The UK has promised to deliver a carbon neutral event whilst all and sundry hash out the details to achieve the 4 main goals.
You can join in by registering for the COP26 Backdoor, organised by We Don’t Have Time. The programme looks excellent and you can dip in and out as you please. Also, it’s FREE!
Next on my agenda is Halloween. What’s the scariest thing about it? Want to know the frightening facts? Each year 13 million pumpkins (an estimated 18 000 tonnes of perfectly good food!) are thrown out, uneaten, and 7 million costumes are binned. And that’s just the UK. If you’re partaking this weekend then have a read about making your experience a waste free one. I really like these facts and tips from
Thanks to all 30 of you legends who took the time to apply to the committee! We’ll be in touch.

Success Stories
New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton plans to run entirely on renewable energy after green light given to solar farm, with projected savings being hopefully going to clinical needs instead - winning!
Events For Your Calendar
A free event from the BMMS and BMS ‘for those who are desperate to preserve the outdoors…’
Nappies! I have a very funny and embarrassing anecdote from my time as a 5th year paeds student at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, but perhaps another time. Did you know that some councils offer incentives for using reusable nappies? Follow this link for more info and share with any friends who may be interested.
Our Favourite Things This Week
Journal Article
HEE population health fellow Anna Moore argues for a planetary health curriculum for medicine.
Eat Your Pumpkin Poem - something for the kids but to be enjoyed be all.
Pharmacy Declares reminds us that the MDT applies to greening healthcare, too.
How to Turn a Desert into a Forest - I LOVE it when humans are epic!
‘The planet does not belong to us humans. If you believe this, it changes everything.’ - Kristine McDivitt Tompkins
(read about her incredible effort How One Woman Protected Millions of Acres)
Calculate your Carbon Footprint
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After taking the test, make a few pledges to reduce your carbon footprint, and then have the opportunity to carbon offset the rest in Gold Standard approved projects.
And that's all, folks!
If you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions, feel free to reach out on Instagram, or just hit reply to send us a direct email! In the mean time, we’d love you even more if you fancy buying us a coffee to help us pay the bills so we can keep Eco Medics running.
By for now,
Today’s issue was written by David Maasdorp, an EM specialty doctor and GP trainee in London and Eco Medics Director. Follow David on Instagram @thegeneraladventurer.
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