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Frontline Updates - Signposting and Sean Lock

Frontline Updates - Signposting and Sean Lock
By Eco Medics • Issue #12 • View online
Hello again,
Sean Lock was one of my favourite comedians: amazing timing, loads of offside comments, carrot in a box - ‘nuff said. He also came up with some brilliantly simple observations. Since his death I’ve enjoyed replaying some of my favourite Sean Lock moments and want to share this line with you all…
“I’m interested in why some people care, and why some people couldn’t give a shit. Some people, quite happily, they’d fly to the shops, wouldn’t they?…I think actually, the reason some people care and some people don’t, is that some people see the planet as something they have to be grateful for, thankful for, they should nurture and care for it. And other people see the planet as something you stand one.”
Thanks, Sean, for years of howling laughter and thank YOU, our Eco Medics community, for being part of the former.
A gentle reminder about our event on 13 September at 6pm - our first of a series of Spotlight Sessions.
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Other Events For Your Calendar
Calling all anaesthetists and surgical specialties! GASP CoN 21 – Sustainable Surgery takes place on Monday 11 October and the team over at GASP are calling for poster abstract submissions. They have some great speakers lined up so make sure you’re off on the day. Follow the link above for more info.
The Exponential Climate Action Summit III takes place on Thursday 23 September at 1pm UK time. From the event page - ‘our third Exponential Climate Action Summit will focus on the challenges, opportunities, and creative solutions regarding circularity and resource efficiency. What role can circularity play across production chains in the Race to Zero? How quickly can it scale? We bring together transformers, disruptors, and enablers to explore how a circular economy can contribute to lowering emissions while also addressing human needs.’
Our Favourite Things This Week
‘I think what they are doing is making us ask wider questions about how we are using the landscape.’ - Roisin Campbell-Palmer (read more about beavers in Scotland HERE)
Climate Change and Patient Outcomes: How We Can Make an Impact from the team over at World Extreme Medicine.
Social Media
Yes, another post from @terracycleuk…but they are just such a good company!
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And that's all, folks!
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Regards from a canoe on the Thames,
Today’s issue was written by David Maasdorp, an EM specialty doctor and GP trainee in London and Eco Medics Director.
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